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Eating Healthy (Organic Food)

At Chhahari, experience the taste of ideal living as you bite into simple yet succulent dishes prepared using vegetables grown in our own organic garden. Moving away from the use of artificial pesticides, which harms nature and us, the retreat gives you a chance to be a part of the process.

Learn about growing organic vegetables, about tending to the earth and about how the soil needs time to replenish itself with essential, natural minerals. Food prepare from these vegetables is thus healthier and tastier.

You will find a wide variety of vegetables and herbs in our organic garden. Some of them are rosemary, basil, thyme, arugula, Mesculin salad, sage, Swiss chard, chamomile, lavender, bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Our chef will conjure up sumptuous yet healthy salads and a variety of Continental dishes for you to savor. Bite into goodness. Taste the difference.

At Chhahari, we also take pride in the different kinds of vegetation that dot the lodge's landscape. Wander around to find citruses, grapefruits, avocados and pomegranates trees. If you are here in the right season, pluck a fruit from its tree and bite into Mother Nature's gifts.

A small coffee plantation is also in the premises. Olive trees are also present; a variety that takes time to give fruit. The thing about planting olive trees is that, only your grandchildren will be able to enjoy its fruits. Rooted in tradition with a clear vision of the future; the idea of the olive tree defines Chhahari.

*Organic food is grown by adding no harmful fertilizer to the earth it is cultivated on and is the new standard of healthy eating. Chhahari endorses this new standard wholeheartedly.

The Lodge

"The best experience in Nepal, in a country so great as Nepal, it is a unique place to stay here at Chhahari. Peaceful, long away from busy Kathmandu, and still just next door to the best tourist sites in Kathmandu. At the same you will find the best personal service from the people at Chhahari. I like the room and the hot shower in the morning. And not to forget the excellent food, it is just good, and you really have something to look forward to" - Niels Erik, Denmark