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A holiday with a difference? You bet! At Chhahari, your time need not be just for lazing around and ordering in. Inspired from nature and offering a sense of balance, the retreat offers its guests some unique day activities based around these core values, to make the most of their time here.

Engage in these activities and make your holiday something to write home about.

  • City Tour visiting UNESCO Sites

    City Tour visiting UNESCO Sites

    The Kathmandu Valley offers one a great escape into the UNESCO heritage sites.  From Chhahari Retreat, you can request the lodge to arrange these heritage sites tours with an english speaking guide and a private vehicle.

  • Birding from Chhahari

    Birding from Chhahari

    Shivapuri National Park is one of the richest forested areas in the Kathmandu valley. From Chhahari Retreat, one can take a walk through one of the entry points into the Park. The park is home to around 318 species of bird. The forests hold a significant population of three restricted-range bird species: the Spiny Babbler, which is also Nepal’s only endemic bird, the Hoary-throated Barwing and the White-throated Tit.

    Request the retreat for an ornithologist and a pack lunch to discover the park.

  • Culinary & Gardening

    Culinary & Gardening

    Nepalese cuisine is based primarily on rice, and lental beans.  Experience a cooking hour with Chhahari’s cook – grab some organic vegetable from our garden, and go for a shopping at the local market in the heart of the city.

  • Yoga and Wellness

    Yoga and Wellness

    Ideal for Yoga Retreats, at Chhahari one can experience yoga and meditation from one of our yoga visiting masters.  Pre-book an yoga session and let your mind and body be free.  After a yoga session, you can also experience a massage therapy at the lodge.  Find our exclusive menu of massage therapy, make sure you request and pre-book.

  • Day Hikes

    Day Hikes

    Hiking from Chhahari is a treat. It will provide you with opportunities to interact with the locals and observe their unique culture. Day hikes to Nagi Gompa (nunnery) rewards with an amazing, undisturbed view of Kathmandu valley. Want to go higher and do some serious trekking? Trail can lead up towards Sundraijal with a return back to lodge late in the evening.  Or just a hike into the Shivapuri National Park with a shorter time can also be achieved.

    The lodge can provide hiking / trail guide with a pack a meal for you.


What People Say About Us

Your hospitality is flawless and Chhahari is the epitome of your total understanding of what a traveler seeks for his final days after 12 days in the country.

- Paul Hughes