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Green Living

The lodge has a serious approach to sustainable tourism, having the following initiatives:

Minimum Impact

The following activities are held to promote minimum impact from our lodge and our extra activities:

  • Restoring our cultural architecture, at Chhahari all of our architectural design reflect the traditional Nepalese style.
  • Bordering with the national park, at Chhahari, we planted more trees and fruits, to blend with the Park Forest, creating a buffer zone between the national park and the expanding city.
  • At Chhahari, we compose all our organic disposal, hence creating manure for our organic vegetable garden.
  • Unspoiled Water has been brought from the national park to reduce the consumption of Gov. Water because of the shortage in the supply for the population.
  • At Chhahari, we have left no soil untouched, and unturned; we have made maximum use of the soil.
  • We use solar water heating for all bathrooms.
  • We are also using solar powered battery as an alternative source of power, against the power cuts of the Gov. Supply.
  • At Chhahari, we use CFL & LED bulb to save energy.
  • We used wide windows and roof air-escapes in our rooms to provide a better air circulation and lighting inside the rooms.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products, likes Citronella Oil, Lemon Grass oil.
  • We reuse the shampoo and soap containers used in the bathrooms.
  • All the Pathways are lit by automatic timer Solar Power light.
  • Use of organic vegetable garden to plant most of our ingredient used in our menu.
  • We do not bulk buy, because it creates wastage. Since we are small accommodation lodge, we are able to control our purchases.
  • We request guest to minimize the use of water, and to turn off electricity when not in use.
  • Rational use of towels and linen to avoid waste of water and energy
  • Staff training programs related to the rational use of resources and conservation of energy
  • Use of organic fruits and vegetables when available
  • Personalized guest experience with low impact through the limited number of only 10 rooms
  • No feeding wildlife at no circumstances to avoid disturbance in the ecosystem while hiking in the Shivapuri National Park
  • Use of regional plants in the landscape design to prevent disturbance in the flora


What People Say About Us

Chhahari is a paradise! The food is outstanding and rooms are so comfortable.

- Christina Hoffman