Mountain Biking

Nepal is fast becoming a Mecca of sorts for adventure sports enthusiasts. Its mountains and the views from them make for great locations for many of these sports. At Chhahari, you can make pre-arrangement to try a mountain biking.

You think hiking up a hill is hard work? Try speeding down one, on two wheels. Mountain biking is a sport that's great for your heart and a great overall workout too. But for trails like these, you might have to take extra precaution. Use a helmet and knee and elbow pads, before you get reckless on the slopes. Focus on the trail and get ready for the adrenaline surge!

The rocky off road that leads up to the retreat itself will have mountain bikers immediately thinking of speeding down these trails. For bike lovers though, there are plenty of routes here for every grade of mountain bikers. Several good mountain-bike routes crisscross the national park too. The Scar Rd is one of the best biking routes in the valley and follows the old forestry road through the western part of the park.

Another good mountain-bike option is from Nagi Gompa, near the park. Follow the dirt road east to Mulkarkha and then descend to Sundarijal - at most an 11km trip. An excellent alternative is bike downhill from Nagi Gompa to Buddhanilkantha, or continue down the ridgeline south to Kopan (three hours) and Boudhanath.

Please let the management beforehand if you are interested in doing a bit of biking. Pre-booking is always required.

The Lodge

"Many thanks for a peaceful haven after the hectic travels in India and the dust and traffic of Kathmandu. Not only had the peaceful location next to the Shivapuri national park but on the North Slope facing south meant we had sun all day. Fresh salads homegrown and lots of healthy vegetables made up for excellent meals. The friendly service, always helpful, added to a wonderful experience at Chhahari. " - Johs Doughlas, Norway