Chhahari's rooms are housed in quaint bungalows with a traditional brick façade. The red clay of the roof tiles goes with the aesthetic mood of the design. The houses are modeled after the typical Nepali village homes that can be seen all over the hillside, with a two-story design and use of wood that is so common in most Nepali villages. Walk up the stairs to discover a balcony with clay tile detail, perfect to gaze out from at the lawns below, the green forests on the sides or the city in the background. Inside, the rooms are both spacious and tall. The clay floors go with the distinct Newar home theme, as do the charming wooden rafters on the ceiling. Fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle and wake up to the chirping of birds.

The design sense is largely minimalist, with the overlying color theme being beige and brown; earthy colors that mesh with the environment. All rooms have customized furniture. You will not find any typical run of the mill designs here, be it the bedside table or a lighting accessory.

Guests should also notice and appreciate the strong emphasis laid by the retreat on organic toiletries such as soap and shampoo. These Wild Earth products consist of the oil of herbs and what goes into the products has been carefully hand chosen by us. In place of harmful insect repellants, citronella plants surround the area – the smell of which keeps mosquitoes at bay.

The views from the comfortable rooms are of the city on one side and the hills on the other, providing an interesting contrast that guests are sure to ponder on. What guests will not find here and probably will not miss either, is the presence of a phone by the bedside or the usual television set opposite the large comfortable bed, or an air-condition. Focusing on the environment, and water conservation, we change and wash our room linens only upon request. Our linens are fresh water washed; and are dried using the sun and fresh air.

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The Lodge

"Incredible location, most delicious food, staff were outstanding, massage was best one I have ever had, would definitely return. " - Lesley Barbour, USA